We have donated over $80,000 to many different humane societies,
rescue groups, purchasing bulletproof vests for dogs, etc.!
Read about our efforts with the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society to increase dog vaccinations in and animal healthcare!
We've been featured in the Ellsworth American!
Welcome to the Online Store of The Truman Collar!


1000 of my dog collars were flown to the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society.
Dog owners there received a collar when they brought their dogs in for rabies vaccines, health check-ups,
spay or neuter surgery, etc.
I was so excited and grateful for the opportunity to help!

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Dogs Tied With Electric Cords and Chains
First Dog to Get a Collar
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Young Boy With a Vaccinated Dog Dog With Collar and Rabies Tag
Dr. Jalloh Getting Ready to do a Vaccination
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Putting a Collar on a Vaccinated Dog Group of Kids With a Vaccinated Puppy
People Stopping the Truck to Get Vaccinations - After the Clinic Was Over

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When you purchase from Dogwise through our site, the percentage we earn will be donated by the The Truman Collar web site to the Morris Animal Foundation to help fund research on Hemolytic Anemia!
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Hemolytic Anemia is the disease that started this endeavor. Everyone should be informed about this awful plight and what is being done to cure it. Please view our Site Links page to educate yourself.

25% of every Truman Collar purchase will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation to help fund research on
Hemolytic Anemia.

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