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"Happy Holidays everyone! For the first time in 14 years, I am taking a vacation. So from Dec 14 through Dec 27, all collar orders will be delayed. The orders will then be made and shipped in order. Thank you!" -Debby

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So you've received a gift certificate to use here at our online store! It's easy to redeem your certificate, all you need to do is:

1. Know what your certificate is for.
2. Look through our catalog.
3. Print our form.
4. Place your order.

Detailed Instructions:

You can redeem your certificate over the phone, through regular mail, or by email.

1. Carefully read your certificate(s) and know just what items to look at
(there is a lot here, knowing this detail will help make the process easier and less confusing).

2. Look through the catalog and decide what suits you and your canine companion the best.
Sizes differ for Buckle and Martingale type collars,
please ensure that the size you select corresponds to the collar style you choose.
Sizes can be viewed here.

3. Print this page and fill it out. If you have multiple certificates and are planning to order
through the mail, please print a single form for each certificate. You don't have to
enter your address on every one (just the first), only the order information.

4. For phone orders, call Debby at (207) 422-3764 and she will take your information.

For Mail orders, simply mail this form to
Truman Collar
Gift Certificate Redemption
98 Settlers Drive
Hancock, Maine 04640

For Email orders, send the information from the form to Debby.

*Sizes differ for buckle and martingale type collars,
please ensure that the size you select corresponds to the collar style you choose.
Buckle Sizes can be viewed here. Martingale sizes can be viewed here.


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