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How to order:
  • Scroll through the list of available patterns until you find one that suits your pup.
  • Length is the measurement around your dog's neck (16" will be a size M, 14" is a size S).
  • Width is how wide the collar will be overall. For trim collars, you need to select a width that is at least
    equal to but not narrower than the trim itself (for example, a 2" trim cannot be made into a 1" wide collar).
  • Type the name of your chosen fabric or trim into the box before you click "Add to Cart".
Fabric Buckle Collar
Collar Size Chart
Fabric Martingale Collar
What is a Martingale Collar?
Trim Buckle Collar
Trim Martingale Collar
Extra D Ring - Buckle collars only
1¢ for all sizes BELOW 1 1/2"
$1 for all sizes 1 1/2" and up
Plastic Buckle - Martingale collars only
1¢ for all sizes BELOW 1 1/2"
$2 for all sizes 1 1/2" and up
Chain: $2
Section of chain added
to Martingale collars.
Metal Buckle: $3
The extra strength of a
metal "alu-flex" buckle.
Fabric Leash
Trim Leash
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