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Extra Wide - 1 1/2" Trim:
Floral Pinwheel
Edelweiss, Red
Edelweiss, Tan
Edelweiss, Black
Edelweiss, Berry
Edel & Alpenrose
Edel & Tulip, Black
Mtn. Lupine, Blue
Mtn. Lupine, Silver
Mtn. Lupine, Gold
Mtn. Lupine, Royal *
Mod Floral
Swiss Blue Floral
Metallic Roses, Pink
M. Roses, Yellow
Wide Mtn. Flowers
Green Forest *
Fancy Feathers
Zebra Stripe
Trophy *
Purple Paisley
Paisley Zigzag
Paisley Teal
Paisley Royal Blue
Paisley Pink
Paisley Pink Ombre
Paisley Prime R.bow
Paisley Rainbow
Tiffany Glass
Tiffany Glass, Grn
Greek Key
Valkyrie Gold, Black
Valkyrie Gold, White
Cobalt Diamond
Amethyst Diamond
Turk Knot, Olive/Orng
Celtic Knot Rainbow
Celtic Knot Khaki
Celtic Maze, Blue Slvr
Celtic Maze, Blue Gld
Celtic Maze, Prpl Slv
Celtic Maze, Prpl Gld
Celtic Maze, Red Slv
Celtic Maze, Red Gld
Oliver's Quest
Marrakesh Memory
Royalty, Red
Royalty, Blue
Royalty, Green
Coronation Sapphire
Coronation Emerald
Coronation Amethyst
Coron. Aquamarine
Coronation Garnet Winter Tapestry
Gold Diamond Swirl
Scroll, Navy Magenta
Scroll, Brown Pink/Sky
Leonberg, Spring
Leonberg, Summer
Leonberg, Winter
Far East
Japanese Sunrise
Japanese Sora
Red Dragon
Dragon Breath
Blue Dragon *
Gold Dragon *
Lime Hearts, Pink
Stripe Hearts Lime
Pastel Stripes, Lav.
Pastel Stripes, Pink
Brown Hearts, Pink Stripes*
Pink Striped Hearts, Brown*
Polka Dots
Red Hat Society
Red Hat Soc. Reverse
W. Dots, Turq. Pink
W. Dots, Pink Turq.
W. Dots Lime Brn
W. Dots Brn Lime
Dots, Pink Black
Dots, Black Pink
Dots, Black Lav.
White Dots, Navy
White Dots, Red
White Dots Orange
Black Dots, Orange
Lime Dots, Teal
Teal Dots, Brown
Brown Dots, Teal
Lime Dots, Pink

Pink Dots, Lime
Kaleidoscope, Silv/Nav
Teal Camo
Pink Camo
Wide Bandana, Blue
Wide Bandana, Orange
Argyle, Pink & Green
Checks, Blue & White
Houndstooth, Teal
Houndstooth, Magenta
Houndstooth, Red
Orange/White Chevron
Confetti, Light
Confetti, Dark
Crochet Squares
Black Arrow *
Teal Arrow *
Extra Wide - 2" Trim:
Edelweiss Bouquet
Bohemian, Primary
Bohemian, Red
Bohemian, Navy *
Bohemian, Turq *
Swiss Flowers
Oak Leaf Combo
Lavender Pinwheel
Pink Pinwheel
Japanese Koi
Diamond Paisley *
Emperor *
Rose Tapestry *
Royal Throne *
Art Nouveau
Teal Kaleidoscope
Turkish Diamond, Navy
Turk. Diamond, Salmon
Celtic, Blue
Celtic, Gold
Celtic, Green
Celtic, Purple *
Primary Geo
Tiffany Glass, Lav. *
Tiffany Glass, Red *
Tiffany Glass, Royal *
Grand Soleil
Grand Soleil, Red
Nautical Knot
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