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The Olivia J. Freckles Story

Livie was never a sickley dog. In fact the only time I ever had to take her to the Vet were for her shots and check ups. Reesie was the one who was always getting into something and had to be taken to the Vet off and on.

Livie started showing signs of being unwell 2 days before she collapsed on a Monday morning in March 2015. Saturday she threw up a few times, Sunday was diarrhea. I thought she might have ate something that did not agree with her. That Monday morning, she was unable to walk at all. I hurried up and ran her to the Vet and they did blood work on her.

They told me she had Autoimmune Hemoletic Anemia.

Of couse I had never even heard of this before and I have had dogs and cats my whole life!  Her Vet told me that her blood was like water and no longer clotting. Towards the end she was fighting so hard to breathe and they had her on oxygen. My Vet suggested that I put her down because she was suffering so much!  She wasn't even 3 years old. But I don't want my sweet girl to ever be forgotten.

She had such a sweet giving nature!  Her sister Reesie and her kittie J.J and I miss her so very much...
there is big hole missing in our hearts. We will always love you little Livie.

We will see you again......love you!  Mommie, J.J and Reesie

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