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BARC's Lindsay

My nickname for Lindsay was "Energizer bunny". She could zoom around the backyard at blazing speed. I often wondered if she was part Border Collie, even though she was  registered as a purebred BMD.

Despite being very shy, she made it to 3 specialties: to Louisville in 2007, Warwick in 2008 and Wisconsin in 2010. One of my favorite memories of her was in Louisville. There were shuttle buses that took us back and forth between the event center and the hotel. She would sit on the shuttle seat with the silliest smile on her face: pure joy. As long as she was with her people, she was happy.

I will miss her tail wagging as soon as you spoke to her, her motherly love of Degen when he was alive. She loved to wash his face and he loved her doing it as he would keep nudging her if she stopped.

We will miss you, Miss Lin Lin, you were one of a kind. heart emoticon   heart emoticon

BMD Stevie
BARC's Lindsay & Degen

Hancock, ME
Remembering my angels Truman, Abby, Brenton & Mickey always...



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