We have donated over $31,600 to many different humane societies,
rescue groups, purchasing bulletproof vests for dogs, etc.!
Read about our efforts with the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society to increase dog vaccinations in and animal healthcare!
We've been featured in the Ellsworth American!
Before Adopting, Read This!


Adopting a dog is a happy and special moment in someone's life. To help first-time dog owners, our guide has curated 10 tips from long-time dog owners and canine experts to help new dog parents understand their dogs and overcome the unique challenges of building a relationship with their pets. www.nutritioned.org/10-essential-tips-for-first-time-dog-parents
Fostering pets can help a shelter reach even more pets in need, but it’s a big commitment and requires a lot of preparation. “A Guide to Pet-proofing Your Home for a Foster Rescue Animal” focuses on how to responsibly enjoy the benefits of fostering, including by-room hazard lists to check before bringing home a furry friend. You can check out the guide for yourself here:


How to Keep Dogs and Cats Safe at Home lahomes.com/pet-safe-home-tips
Dog and Cat Owners and Their Willingness to Treat Their Pets
Reading Dog Food Labels www.puppywire.com/dog-food-label
Kip and Twiggy's - The home of natural, healthy dog treats. Here, you will find reliable, in-depth knowledge about the nutrition, safety, benefits and risks of feeding dogs natural treats. kipandtwiggys.com
Comprehensive guide on over one hundred human foods that are harmful to dogs and foods that are healthy for them. puppybeing.com/foods-dogs-can-cant-eat
Autoimmune diseases are increasingly prevalent and have genetic and environmental triggers. Here’s what you should be aware of. animalwellnessmagazine.com/autoimmune-diseases


"When choosing safe houseplants, always remember to research new houseplants before introducing them to your home in order to ensure they are non-toxic and safe for your pet to be around." www.improvenet.com/a/guide-to-pet-safe-house-plants
The fastest growing community of big dog enthusiasts! www.bigdogmom.com
Information on Vaccines, Homeopathy... rawfed.com/vax/vax.html
Love Animals?
Turn your Interest into Your Career!
The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption www.homeoanimal.com/blog-animal-health/ultimate-guide-pet-adoption-sneak-preview/
New Puppy? Here's a great Resource Guide! bebusinessed.com/resource-guides/dog-guide/
Volunteer, Non-Profit rescue for Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Mixes www.labs4rescue.com
Auntie Angel Designs www.auntieangeldesigns.com
Gifty items for pets and humans.

Great pet-themed cards, all free! All sorts of themes available.

Pet Street Mall www.petstreetmall.com/bark-collars/
Peace, Quiet, Safety. Get best and humane Bark Collars that you can rely on to train your dog's excessive barking.
Doberman Dog Rescue www.dobe.net
Sponsor: Lazy Dog Inn www.lazydoginn.com A truly dog friendly Bed and Breakfast.

A fun to read memorial blog about an airedale named Bogart.

Green Shopping for Your Pet:


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www.dtails.biz - Training, dog playschool, and special workshops in the Old Saybrook, CT area and offering PetHub: the latest technology to protect your pet by linking critical contact, medical, dietary and other information right to his collar, with a smart phone scannable ID tag.

www.animalshirt.net High quality, USA made, organic animal shirts. 


 - "America's Finest Pet Doors"

Canine Auto-Immune Articles: www.canismajor.com/dog/autoimmn.html 
www.labbies.com/a iha.htm



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